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Assessment of Anxiety Related To Osce Exam Among Alzaeim Al-Azahari University Medical Students 2022

Introduction: This study to gather information about the Incidence rate of severe anxiety before and during OSCE exam among medical students and detect the risk factors for it, in order to increase the awareness level of medical students’ community about the effects of anxiety before and during exams on their academic achievement. Methodology: a cross-sectional study was done in medical students at AAU in fifth year The results: A total 211 sample was collected, 48.3% were male while 51.7% were female. 53.6% of participants age from 20 to 23 while 46.4% age from 24 to 26.79.6% of participants believe that the anxiety and fear caused by your fear of forgetting the information, while 20.4% of participants don’t believe that. 75.4% of participants believe that anxiety because of the lot to comprehend and less time to practice while 24.6% don’t believe that.93.8% of participants get an anxiety episode because of the examiner and how he is treating participants, Conclusion: 97.2%. of students reported feeling anxious throughout the OSCE exam, There was no collaboration between the examiner and the student which made students more anxious. The time in not enough for every station. We recommended students to adpot healthy & effecive mean of relaxation like yoga, breathing exercises and non formal counseling.

Anxiety, Osce Exam, Medical Student, Risk Factors

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Abd Alrhaman Alshreef, S., Hammad Jaber, M., Othman Elbadawi, S., Ashir Shafique, M., Salah Eldin Ali, S., et al. (2023). Assessment of Anxiety Related To Osce Exam Among Alzaeim Al-Azahari University Medical Students 2022. American Journal of Health Research, 11(6), 158-163.

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Abd Alrhaman Alshreef, S.; Hammad Jaber, M.; Othman Elbadawi, S.; Ashir Shafique, M.; Salah Eldin Ali, S., et al. Assessment of Anxiety Related To Osce Exam Among Alzaeim Al-Azahari University Medical Students 2022. Am. J. Health Res. 2023, 11(6), 158-163. doi: 10.11648/j.ajhr.20231106.12

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Abd Alrhaman Alshreef S, Hammad Jaber M, Othman Elbadawi S, Ashir Shafique M, Salah Eldin Ali S, et al. Assessment of Anxiety Related To Osce Exam Among Alzaeim Al-Azahari University Medical Students 2022. Am J Health Res. 2023;11(6):158-163. doi: 10.11648/j.ajhr.20231106.12

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